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Discover Russia: travel packages and adventures in Russia

Russia is the biggest nation in the world and its immense territory encloses thousands of regions, peoples and cultures! Russian Tour offers you an unique opportunity to explore a few of the most exotic, interesting or amusing location of this incredible country! We offer many types of package travels and holidays to Russia and many others countries of the ex Soviet Union! What follows is just a small selection of special itineraries that we have recently offered as fully customized package travels: they enjoyed them so much that we decided to make them available to everybody!

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Honey Moons and Wedding Anniversaries in Russia

St. Petersburg with its elegance, its colors and architectural splendor, can be an excellent alternative for the honeymoon or for the celebration of wedding anniversaries, silver wedding or golden wedding, in a beautiful setting of the capital of the Tsars. It’s also possible to organize a honeymoon tour package in Moscow, as well as you can choose any other destination in Russia or itineraries such as: the legendary Trans-Siberian, the romantic Volga river cruise, the adventurous Kamchatka. This is why Russia is one of the most original destinations for a honeymoon. More and more couples are choosing this country as their honeymoon destination: Russia offers such a variety of travel proposals that have few equals in the world. Russian Tour can offer you various itineraries to spend an unforgettable honeymoon.

Russia, with its secular imperial history, invites us to discover its beauties also for the most important journey of a couple's life. To discover the most romantic places in the largest country in the world, your journey can start from a visit to an evocative place full of history, such as the Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg, a complex characterized by the sumptuousness of its decorations and rooms, in marble and gold, and by the beauty of its gardens, which allows you to relive the glories of the times of the Tsars. The visit to Petrodvorets, also situated in St.Petersburg,  and to the park with the fountains of Peterhof, by many renamed the Russian Versailles, is also inevitable. Peterhof is a palace of the tsars, on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, built by the will of Peter the Great between 1714 and 1723, and is part of the Seven Wonders of Russia. It’s impossible not to mention another Wonder of Russia: St. Basil’s Cathedral located on the Red Square in Moscow, with its fantastic colored domes. There is nothing more romantic than a sunset seen from the central square of Russia. Among the 7 Russian wonders there is also Lake Baikal, a must stop in the Trans-Siberian, which we also offer in the Imperial Russia version, for a truly unforgettable honeymoon! You can also choose a cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg, navigation is done with modern ships and allows you to visit towns and villages in contact with the most authentic local traditions, with the history, culture and architecture of this country; or a tour of the Golden Ring, a collection of ancient cities with a glorious past and the great historical and architectural interest that host the oldest Russian monasteries with their masterpieces of art. And if you want to have a more "exotic" honeymoon, we can offer you even more original itineraries: the Black Sea with the beaches of the Krasnodar region (Anapa, Gelendzhik and Sochi), Volgograd with the Mamayev Kurgan park and the Mother Russia statue, up to get to the Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka!

To summarize, we can offer the following itineraries for your honeymoon in Russia, personalizing and adapting them to your needs:
- Tour Moscow & St. Petersburg - The link is for the group tour, but the offer for honeymoons is personalized and can include 5-star hotels with spa;
- Russian Golden Ring – a personalized offer is possible too;
- Trans-Siberian - also in the lux variant Imperial Russia Express;
- Cruise Moscow St. Petersburg - Lux cabins and suites are also available;
- Other tours in Russia (Volgograd, Black Sea, Kamchatka...);
For a personalized quotation you can send an email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us by phone at the toll-free number +18884873183

Tours in Russia for disabled travelers

Until not long ago Russia was considered a taboo destination for people with disabilities. The modernization of the main cities in the new millennium has allowed to remove many architectural barriers and to better equip hotels and cultural sites.
Russian  airports are among the most equipped areas for travelers with disabilities, there are also special waiting rooms. The main museums are equipped with services for disabled travelers. So don’t miss the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. The Moscow Museum, the Jewish Museum, the Planetarium and the Bulgakov Museum in Moscow are well equipped. In St. Petersburg you will not have problems either to visit the Hermitage, the Russian State Museum and the Faberge Museum.
If you want to enjoy a relaxed and trouble-free trip, organize it in advance, planning your transfers and visits in details, to make sure they have everything you need for an unforgettable travel. Russian Tour can help you  organize your trip in the best way.
Russia is certainly a fascinating country that turns out to be a popular destination every year for many travelers, even those in wheelchairs and with reduced mobility. Following the recent progress in terms of accessibility of the structures, we are registering more and more requests for tours in which one or more participants in the journey are disabled. Based on the experience accumulated in previous trips organized, we can offer itineraries based on your needs, providing:
- hotel rooms accessible by wheelchair and equipped with bathrooms with grab bars and floor-level showers
- assistance at the airport
- transfers by special private car
- reservation of the seats for disabled people on the trains
- organization of tailor-made excursions accessible to everyone
- Italian speaking personal guide who will follow you during the tour
- hire of aids such as lifts or wheelchairs
- specialized staff available upon request
For more information and quotes you can contact us by email address  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or by phone at the toll-free number +18884873183. We will be happy to help you in organizing a trip suited to your needs, to make you visit the splendid Russia in the best way.

Bachelor/Bachelorette party in Russia

Which better place than Russia for a bachelor party? Clubs, fun, vodka, beautiful people, culture, nature, extraordinary landscapes, in an explosive mix for your last night of being single!

The bachelor party is a celebration in honor of a man who is going to marry, on the days immediately preceding the wedding, in which the end of the status “unmarried” is symbolically celebrated. The social ritual of bachelor party is associated with a goliardic spirit with the participation of the closest friends of the future husband, all male. Similarly, a bachelorette party is a celebration in honor of a woman about to marry, on the days immediately preceding the wedding, in which she is symbolically celebrated her end of the status “unmarried” by her friends. Traditionally the bachelorette party is organized by the witnesses of the couple, together with the closer friends. In your case it can all be organized by Russian Tour!
You can book with us the best clubs and restaurants, organize tours to the best places in St. Petersburg or Moscow, rent an apartment,food and drink catering, relax in a characteristic Russian banya, with saunas and hydromassage. You can also spend it out of the city, feeling the jerky of a real russkaya ribalka, where you can drink and eat surrounded by  nature and in a characteristic landscapes. It is also possible to rent a country cottage, a typical Russian dacha. If you prefer to stay in the city and you don’t love clubs and nightlife, the "Quests" of live games are very common in Russia. They consist in being able to complete a common goal by exploiting logic and ingenuity, as in a film where you are not spectators but protagonists! Or the simulation of battles with compressed air weapons. And again, you can rent a boat and celebrate on the Moskva or Neva, or a party bus where you can drink and have fun on Nevsky Prospekt and the various central streets of St. Petersburg, or perform in a karaoke. Shortly, you are spoilt choice. And of course, except party, you can jump in the beauty and art of St. Petersburg or Moscow, and visit the main sightseeing of the cities.

For a personalized quotation you can send an email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us by phone at the toll-free number +18884873183

Hero cities of the WWII: thematic tour to Leningrad, Moscow and Stalingrad

Russia during the Second World War was by far the most important theater of war between the Allied powers and Nazi Germany, and more generally, the essential participant that influenced the results of the World War II. The amount of the fighting, the extent of losses and the depth of material destruction made it the largest theater of war in history. The team at Russian Tour, tourism specialists and lovers of history and Russian culture, offer you a 11 days/10 nights trip immersed in the years of fire of the World War II. You will visit three Russian cities: St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad), Moscow and Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) reduced to rubble and hunger under the pressure of the Nazis and their allies. In Volgograd you will visit the Memory Museum, the “Battle of Stalingrad” museum-panorama, the "House of Cossack" ethnographical museum, the Mamayev Kurgan Hill (the tomb of Mamai), and the villages Olhovka, Serafimovich and Rossoshki, which were theaters of bloody battles. During World War II, or the Great Patriotic War, the city of Stalingrad was of great importance, and the battle that took place there was the crucial turning point of the war against Nazi Germany and its allies.

Circuito Stalingrado (Volgogrado)


Please click on the headers to show the visit programme.

First day



From Milan Malpensa to St. Petersburg, with scheduled flight. Arrival in the city ', meeting with the local guide speaking Italian, Transfer to hotel, dinner and overnight.

Second day



Breakfast in the hotel, City tour of St. Petersburg lasting 3 hours, followed by the visit of Peter and Paul Fortress. Lunch at the restaurant and in the afternoon guided tour of the Hermitage museum. In the evening back to the hotel, dinner and overnight. St. Petersburg, situated on the Gulf of Finland, on the Neva River delta extends between more 'than 42 islands in a labyrinthine network of canals and waterways, so as to be called the Venice or Amsterdam North. "Piter" as they affectionately call its inhabitants, with a population of 5 million inhabitants and CIRA and 'the northernmost cities in the world. St. Petersburg was founded in 1703 by Peter the Great, who wanted a grand new capital for his empire, "a window on Europe", able to compete with the richness and elegance of European capitals of the time. Its charm and the spectacular setting of its monuments and views, and we 'come intact to this day making it one of the cities' most beautiful in the world. the many tourists who come are delighted by its picturesque panoramic views, its architectural masterpieces, and during the period of "white nights" (mid-May - mid July), they dive into a dream of light and bright colors, unique atmosphere, full of beauty and mystery.

Third day



In the morning breakfast at the hotel visit to the Museum of the History of Leningrad and the monument of the heroes-defenders of Leningrad. Lunch in a restaurant pomeiriggio visit to Cemetery Memorial Piskaryovskoye, followed by a visit to the museum of the siege of Leningrad. In the evening return to hotel, dinner and overnight. The siege of Leningrad during the Second World War, lasted from 8 September 1941 to 18 January 1944. The liberation of the city is celebrated every year on January 27, the day of the official surrender of the besiegers. St. Petersburg is also known as City Heroin, honorary title awarded to twelve cities and a town-fortress of the Soviet Union for their heroism during the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. This symbolic honor for the city tantamount individual all'onorificenza of Hero of the Soviet Union and was awarded to the city in which took place the most fierce fighting and devastating.

Third day

fuoco pietroburgo


Breakfast at hotel, check out from the station and transfer to the room accompanied by the Italian speaking guide. Departure to Moscow by train at high speed 'Sapsan. Arrival in Moscow, transfer to the hotel with Italian speaking guide, dinner and overnight.

Fifth day



Breakfast at hotel, in the morning City city tour with a visit to St. Basil's Cathedral, the Alexander Gardens and the monument of the Unknown Soldier. Lunch at the restaurant. In the afternoon, visit the Victory Park with Mount Poklonnaya be a visit to the War Museum. Back at the hotel, dinner and overnight. Moscow, on the banks of the river, the Moscow River, has a long history and full of charm. Former capital of the first great Russian Empire, known as the Third Rome, and the USSR capital, is become after the collapse of the Soviet Union the capital of the current Russian Federation. Today stands as one of the most modern capitals of the world business, the driving force of the economy of the country, nonche` its political and administrative hub, often the center of major international events of politics, economy, culture and sport. With its 15 million people Moscow is the first city in Europe by population, and is the first in the world for passenger traffic on the subway, you think that every day they are in transit about 8-9 million people.

Sixth day



Breakfast at the hotel, morning visit to the interior of the territoriio Kremlin and Cathedrals. Lunch. in the afternoon excursions to some monuments dedicated to World War II and to Stalin. Dinner at a restaurant airport transfer with assistant, speaking Italian, direct flight to Volgograd. Transfer to the hotel with assistant, accommodation and overnight. Stalin had built several bunkers: In 1933, on the outskirts of Moscow it was built one below of a stadium, reachable by subway from the Kremlin, was used during the Nazi advance in 1941. Samara was built a bunker that would house the Moscow if the Soviet government had fallen into the hands of the Nazis, but it was never used. Between 1951 and 1956 (ie three years after the disappearance of the Soviet dictator in 1953) in the center of Moscow, 60 meters deep, it was realized a fallout with the capacity of 2,000 people.

Seventh day



Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning city tour of the city 'with a visit to the Museum of Memory, lunch in a restaurant. In the afternoon visit to the Museum Battle of Stalingrad and Mamayev Kurgan hill (the tomb of Mamai); Back at the hotel, dinner and overnight. Under the dictatorship of Stalin, the city was heavily industrialized and developed as a center of heavy industry and transport hub, both by rail and on the river. During the Second World War or the Great Patriotic War, the city was surrounded by the Nazi-fascist forces in a bloody siege that lasted from August 21, 1942 to February 2, 1943, during which two million soldiers both Axis is Soviets were killed, wounded or captured and about 40,000 civilians lost their lives.

Eighth day



Breakfast at the hotel. in the morning excursion to Olxovka village, with a visit to the memorial "the camp of the Soldier" and the male monastery of the Holy Trinity ', Pick-nic on the banks of the Volga River. In the afternoon visit the Ethnographic Museum "Home of the Cossack", following a boat trip on the river Volga. Back at the hotel for dinner and overnight. The museum, which is located along the river Volga, contains many relics of World War II, including a wonderful painting of the Mamayev Kurgan memorial landscape seen from the battlefield, according to a national motto, the highest point in all of Russia. The building, situtata on Mamaev Hill, is a monument dedicated to the heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad. the central element of this set is the statue of the "Motherland Call" high 52 meters, 8 meters higher than the Statue of Liberty.

Ninth day



Breakfast at the hotel. In the morning excursion to the village Serafimovich 260 km from Volgograd, on the banks of the River Don, where took place the great battle of Serafimoch. Lunch at local restaurant, return to Volgograd. Dinner and overnight at the hotel. The failure of the long and bloody siege of Stalingrad marked the first major political and military defeat of Nazi Germany and its allies and satellites and marked the turning point that would have directed in favor of the Allies course of the war.

Tenth day



Breakfast at the hotel and excursion to Rossoshki village, where the famous memorial in memory of the fallen soldiers in the great battle, near even the Nazi soldiers cemetery. Lunch at a local restaurant and return to Volgograd, dinner and overnight at the hotel. The battle of Stalingrad remains the largest and most decisive military defeat, political and moral of Germany in World War II, and by far one of the greatest disasters in history. The boost to the morale of the anti-Hitler coalition given by the German defeat was great not only in the Soviet Union but also in allied countries. The myth of the invincibility of Hitler's Germany and was destroyed forever, while among the Axis powers political and moral repercussions were enormous both at the public level and leading cadres.

Eleventh day

battle memorial


Breakfast at hotel, check out from the rooms and airport transfer. Flight to Moscow in the early morning. flight back to Italy.

on request

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Geographically speaking Crimea is a peninsula that faces the Black Sea. During the centuries it has been distinguished because of its inviting and pleasant climate, always appreciated by tourists who crowd the Crimean coasts. The historical importance of the peninsula is also very impressive: from the archaeological sites to the famous war, from the military outposts to the epic events that have marked its destiny. Sevastopol and Simferopol are major cities of Crimea. Sevastopol was the main base of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet, while later the military port was divided between the Russian Navy and the Ukrainian Navy, until March 2014, when the latter was transferred to the port of Odessa, following the Crimean status referendum. The tourist town is Yalta, also known as the Pearl of Crimea, and famous for its Swallow’s Nest Castle, built on a cliff overlooking the sea. In Yalta you can visit the Museum of Anton Chekhov, the Livadia Palace, the Massandra Palace, the Nikita Botanical Garden, and participate at a wine tasting in Alupka. There are also trips to Bakhchisarai (the Khan Palace and the Monastery of the Assumption) and Sudak (Genoese fortress + tasting of sparkling wines). For questions and bookings please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Circuito Crimea

Mandrogi: a traditional Russian settlement

Interesting visit to a typical Russian village: Verkhnie Mandrogi, unique for its positioning, history and landscapes. It is a pretty little village of 100 inhabitants and more than 200 commuters who come here to work. It is located in the region of Leningrad (St. Petersburg) right on the border with the region of Karelia, halfway between the two largest lakes in Europe (Ladoga and Onega). The village faces the Svir River and is full of Russian Izbas - typical rural houses made of Karelian wood. This village is famous for the folklore of its inhabitants, handmade souvenirs, the museum of vodka and a small zoo. When walking in the village you will see artisans still dressed in traditional costumes working in their workshops as they have for centuries. The village has a secular history; its inhabitants are hunters, fishermen, craftsmen, and have always had business relations with European and Asian countries thanks to its location on the banks of the Svir River. The village is an incredible outdoor museum of wooden architecture, as woodcraft has always been the most popular occupation in Russia.

Pueblo Ruso Mandrogi

We offer many accommodation option for your stay in Mandrogi:

  • One bedroom “Isba” (traditional Russian countryside dwelling): the ideal solution for couples and families with up to 1 child. The 2 story cottage features: a living room and a small bathroom on the ground floor, a bedroom and a large bathroom with a shower on the first floor. Next to the town centre, with a beautiful view on the neighboring woods.
  • Two bedroom “Isba”: for up to 2 families. The 2 story cottage features: a living room with a stove, the kitchen and a small bathroom on the ground floor, two bedrooms (one twin, one double), a second living room and a large bathroom with a shower on the first floor. A beautiful and carefully decorated wooden house, was the residence of choice of president V.V. Putin during his last visit to the complex.
  • Three bedroom “Isba”: for up to 2 or 3 families. The 2 story cottage features: a spacious living room with a stove, the kitchen and a small bathroom on the ground floor, three bedrooms (one twin, two doubles) and a large bathroom with a shower on the first floor.
  • Traktir (vintage Russian inn): one of the oldest buildings of the town, furnished with antiques and original vintage hand-crafted wooden furniture; the hotel features 14 cosy rooms and a spacious hall.
  • Hotel: fully-featured modern hotel built in the stile of the surrounding traditional wood housing, features 2 floors with 5 double rooms and 28 twin rooms. Each room has his own unique interior design and furniture style and includes a private bathroom with a shower.
Quotations for holiday packages to Mandrogi are offered on request. The quotations include the St Petersburg – Mandrogi round trip by train (second class) and the arrival and departure transfers from the train station to the town. For questions and bookings please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Kamchatka is one of the most spectacular regions in Russia, a unique land where fire meets ice. It occupies an area of 470,000 square kilometers and is one of five large geothermal areas in the world. With more than 200 volcanoes, 30 of which are active, Kamchatka is among the primary sites for volcanologists’ studies in the world. It stretches along twenty climatic zones and has a great variety of fauna and flora, volcanic calderas, lakes in volcanic craters, geysers and mineral springs, all in excellent condition. The history of Kamchatka has never been quiet, from the beginning its indigenous people feared the volcanoes of the peninsula and believed their peaks to be inhabited by the spirits of the mountain. Despite its large size, only 400,000 people inhabit the peninsula. But it is very populated by animals, some of the biggest grizzly bears roam the territory of Kamchatka, and tens of millions of salmon have inhabited its streams and rivers for years. Only after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991were foreign tourists allowed to visit the Kamchatka, one of most mysterious regions of the former Soviet empire. Take this unique opportunity and see this incredible land with your own eyes!

Circuito Kamchatka

Fishing and hunting adventures in Russia

Fishing holidays in Karelia, paradise for professional fishermen, as well as for amateurs of fishing. Karelia has 60,000 lakes, rivers and streams. Salmon, trout, pike, perch, bream, chub, grayling, and whitefish are just some varieties of Russia’s fish. The rapids of rivers, and the famous Lakes Ladoga and Onega offer huge opportunities for fishing. We organize stays in lodges on the shores of forest lakes. Each lake attracts tourists for its beauty and abundance of fish. Cozy and spectacular cottages, troll fishing, specially equipped fishing boats and instructors are all available. After troll fishing, you can enjoy your own fish, cooked on the grill by a professional chef. For hunting holidays you can go for a trip to Crimea, in one of the largest hunting estates, situated in a picturesque mountainous area near the village of Orlinoe (35 km southeast of Sevastopol); or in Siberia for a tour led by a professional hunting club of Novosibirsk, which can provide maximum safety for hunters according to the legislation of the Russian Federation. Inside the hunting areas you can hunt wild boar, deer, woodcocks, quails and doves.


Fishing Adventures in Carelia Russian Tour offers you the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful nature holiday to the Karelian lakes! Each lake attracts tourists for its beauty and abundance of fish. Cozy and spectacular cottages, troll fishing, specially equipped fishing boats and local instructors are all available. After troll fishing, you can taste the fish caught with your own hands, cooked on the grill by a professional chef. The “Serebro Oneghi” Country Club (25km from the district capital Petrozavodsk) is situated in a splendid location on the shores of the Onega Lake and offers a full range of features for any kind of fishing trips and adventures! Enjoy a barbecue on the beach and enjoy a beautiful view on the lake from the SPA terrace! For questions and bookings please contact us atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hunting Trip to CrimeaNot to far from the beautiful little town of Orlinoe (35 km southeast from Sebastopol, Simferopol International Airport) in the deep forest of Crimea we find one of the biggest hunting reserves of East Europe, renown for the high quality services and for the support of some of the best guides and instructors in the business! Inside the hunting areas you can hunt wild boar, deer, woodcocks, quails and doves. The Crimean hunting reserves are currently some of the most popular hunting destinations of eastern Europe, sporting great accommodation and support facilities and a rich and varied wildlife. We offer personalized quotes for group and individual hunting trips to Crimea, for questions and bookings please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


A tour dedicated to Siberia and Lake Baikal is definitely one of the most daring and interesting that our agency can offer you. Journey several days by train throughout Russia: several time zones, geographical areas dividing Europe from Asia, colorful landscapes, valleys, mountains, forests, steppes, rivers, towns, villages – this is Russia – enormous and amazing! Siberia is a vast region of Russia covering almost the whole of Northern Asia and a large part of the Eurasian steppe. It extends to the East from the Urals to the Pacific Ocean, to the South from the Arctic Ocean to the hills of North-Central Kazakhstan, and to the borders of Mongolia and China. Lake Baikal, situated between the territories of the Irkutsk region and the Republic of Buryatia, is considered the deepest and the biggest sweet water lake in the world. It is estimated to contain about 20% of the fresh water reserves on the planet. The Altai Mountains are a chain in southern Siberia, between Mongolia and Russia, which also partly extends to the territory of Kazakhstan and China. The Altai Mountains offer you breathtaking landscapes, very interesting archaeological sites, and opportunities for scenic hiking.

Circuito Altai

Climbing Expeditions to Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain in Russia and Europe, located in the Western Caucasus Mountains, in Kabardino-Balkaria (Russian Federation). Elbrus has two summits, both dormant volcanic domes: the west summit reaches the height of 5642 meters, the lower east summit reaches the height of 5621 meters. Known today after his Persian/Iranian name, the mountain was known by the ancient greeks and romans under the name of Strobilos/Strobilus, the mythic mountain on which Prometheus was set in chains by Zeus. Today Elbrus is a popular climbing destination included in the Seven Summit Challenge, a mountaineering challenge to top the highest peak of each continent. The Russian Tour team can help you organize climbing expeditions to Mount Elbrus and all the complementary services!
Monte Elbrus
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